Oz in the News 4.1.12

Wizard of Oz Pinball Playfield Art  “When we first started the project there were two major elements that I used as the springboard – the fact that we were going to use “hand-drawn” artwork and the idea that the playfield was somehow divided between the Good Witch/Bad Witch sides of the storyline. And when Joe’s design started coming to life and there really was a nice division between the two sides this was a great starting point to think about how the art would also be divided.”

Comic Review: Dorothy Of Oz Prequel #1  While Shedd obviously can’t get too creative while drawing Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion, the look of the Jester and the flying monkeys is really great and the colors by Joana Lafuente succeed in enhancing the look of the evil characters, as well as the majesty of the Emerald City. The artwork is more of a traditional cartoon style, which I prefer (the film is CG-animated; the issue’s variant cover has the CG art) and the tone and shades remind me of the 1990s animated television series Gargoyles. Shout-out to artist Eric Shanower, who did the art for the main cover, with Lafuente doing the colors – absolutely love it!


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