Oz in the News 3.27.12

Dorothy of Oz Prequel #1 (Advance Review)  The comic book, across its 22 pages, does not move far in terms of story. It spends most of its time hanging out with the comic/movie’s antagonist who engages in a relatively uninteresting monologue for most of the time. All the reader learns is that he’s evil, that he does bad things and that most of his humor comes from him acting like he’s four. The comic’s artwork is the impressive strength of the book. It accurately fits the animation style of the upcoming movie, and Blair Shedd knows how to draw characters in a way that’s simple and emotive enough to engage child readers.

The Way of Oz: Guiding a Life of Wisdom, Heart, and Courage Besides commentary on the characteristics and the overall importance of humility, the Wizard in The Way of Oz inspires us to think of the wisdom of Confucius, who proclaimed: “Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues.” And through The Way of Oz, we understand the power of integrity, empathy and beneficence to guide one’s life, all with ethics in the lead. Now, put the story, the characters and the lessons of the author’s life together and you have The Way of Oz: A Guide to Wisdom, Heart, and Courage. Or, stated differently, a guide for lifelong learning, loving, and serving—all with a future focus and ethics in the lead. Thus, The Way of Oz offers a framework for the journey down the Yellow Brick Road of Life.


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