Oz in the News 3.13.12

Sorry, Toto – Kansas won’t get a state dog this year  The House Standing Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources declined to hear House Bill 251, effectively killing the bill for the current session. State Rep. Ed Trimmer, D-Winfield, who introduced the bill, said he plans on re-introducing it again next year. “I don’t think PETA made a dent in what we are doing. I just think it had more to do that this is an election year.”

TheaterMania Magazine March Issue Features the Judy Garland Bio-Play “End of the Rainbow”  Today, TheaterMania releases the fifth issue of TheaterMania Magazine, an online magazine that combines live theater with pop culture, celebrity and fashion. The March 2012 issue of TheaterMania Magazine, released today, features the playwright and stars of “End of the Rainbow” discussing the play that examines events surrounding some of Judy Garland’s final public performances, an exclusive first listen of “This World Will Remember Us” from the cast recording of “Bonnie & Clyde”, and designer Christopher Oram’s eight ensembles for Eva for Broadway’s “Evita”. Readers can get a peek at TheaterMania Magazine online and then download the TheaterMania Magazine app for free to their device so they can take it on the go! TheaterMania Magazine can be downloaded to an iPad through the iTunes store or to a Kindle Fire and any Android device from Amazon.com.


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