Oz in the News 3.2.12

“Operation Ruby Slipper” pits Judy Garland against the Nazis  I knew since “Heartbreaker” had made quite a splash in the 1980s that Judy had become in publishing terms, my platform. I thought, “How can I use Judy in the most appealing way?” Let’s put her in a Hitchcock situation you know? A thriller situation where she has an objective, she has to find this physicist, this guy in Germany who is working on a nuclear-powered sub for the U-boats and has to be taken out. Otherwise, these U-boats will threaten the invasion of Normandy. I had to find a reason for why the O.S.S. would choose Judy for this mission… that really should be given to an experienced O.S.S. operative.

Oscar spoof was closer to ‘Wizard of Oz’ reality than parody  Nostalgia and navel-gazing dominated the Academy Awards broadcast Sunday, including a spoof featuring Christopher Guest, Fred Willard, Jennifer Coolidge and others as a disgruntled focus group attending a “Wizard of Oz” test screening circa 1939. The joke? They tore the movie to shreds, culminating with the ultimate kiss-off from Eugene Levy: “I didn’t particularly care for the ‘Rainbow’ song.”  Neither did Louis B. Mayer.  “They kept taking it out and putting it back in, and after the third time they cut it from a test screening (producer) Arthur Freed finally said, ‘What exactly is your problem with this?’ So he listens to all the reasons, and then his response is: ‘”Rainbow” stays, or I go.'”


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