Oz in the News 2.11.12

I’m off to be the wizard! It’s 34 years since Russell Grant trod the London Palladium boards, now he’s returning as the new Wizard of Oz  During our interview he’s in tears three times, overwhelmed by how different his life is today from a year ago. He’s in the middle of a brutal rehearsal schedule for a three-month stint replacing the legendary Michael Crawford as the Wizard of Oz. Andrew has even re-written parts of the musical to incorporate Russell’s unique dance moves and former Strictly judge Arlene Phillips is honing the routine.

Sister Cities Ambassadors, playwright prepare staged play  The Carlsbad Sister Cities Ambassadors is taking center stage for its debut theatrical fundraiser at the Schulman Auditorium at the Carlsbad Dove Library Feb. 19.The production, “Who Put the Bad in Carlsbad?” is expected to deliver over-the-top humor from literary villains and good doers.Characters like Long John Silver, Captain Jack Black, Dracula, Queen of Hearts, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and Snow White will engage in a battle of wits. “The Wizard of Oz hosts a Mardi Gras Party and grants each guest one wish,” said Joanne Brouk, producer, playwright and board member of Carlsbad Sister Cities Ambassadors. “Shakespeare’s Three Witches are his cooks and poison the cauldron with their evil intentions.”

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