Oz in the News 1.31.12

Cairn terrier – Toto’s breed – proposed as state dog of Kansas  State Rep. Ed Trimmer, D-Winfield,  introduced House Bill No. 251.“They just thought we needed a state dog,” Trimmer said Thursday. “It is one of those things that when a constituent asks you, you do.  “I realize we have very critical, critical issues at the state level. But our constituents and their issues are very important to them and that’s why I introduced it for them.”

Casting Announced for New Musical The Mermaids’ Tale, Adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s “Sea Fairies”  The Mermaids’ Tale, according to FACT, “involves a teacher who assigns his students a task of reading and reporting on a novel published in 1911, the year their school opened. To the surprise of both the students and teacher the class all choose the same book. As a result, they decide to do an impromptu play and set it in the 21st century in an all-singing, all-dancing ‘Glee’-style production. Everyone, including the teacher and the school custodian participate in the tale of a sea captain who goes under the sea to investigate why ‘no one who has ever seen a mermaid lived to tell the tale.’ Their adventures involve a myriad of classic characters so much associated with Baum’s books of fantasy.”

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