Oz in the News 1.19.12

Model Lara Stone teams up with Mercedes-Benz for Oz-inspired Fashion Week video  Mercedes-Benz released a new promotional video featuring long-legged Dutch supermodel Lara Stone and the Mercedes-Benz 2013 SL. In the unusual ad, Stone pulls over in her car, unloads a pair of suitcases, and gets taken away by a tornado, much like Miss Almira Gulch in The Wizard of Oz. Yes, Dorothy was swept up in the tornado, too, but Dorothy was in the relative safety of a house while Gulch was only on a bicycle. Then again, Lara Stone is also a bit reminiscent of Mary Poppins sailing around with her carpet bag (but without the umbrella).

ICE 2012: More than 80 Gaming Machines on Display The product line-up at ICE 2012 begins with innovations and exciting game play mechanics, coupled with industry-favorite game features. WMS will showcase 80 gaming machines for international markets with differentiated slot entertainment experiences, including: The new THE WIZARD OF OZ Journey to Oz: The largest adventure yet for THE WIZARD OF OZ brand, offering for the first time for THE WIZARD OF OZ brand, a spinning wheel — one of the most player-popular game mechanics in the industry. This exciting game is packed with exciting technologies, including Collaborative Gaming(TM) technology, surround sound gaming chairs, a wide-area progressive, a base game mini-wheel and a large community video spinning wheel on dual 52″ overhead screens for unique Bigger Event(TM) bonus round action.


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