Oz in the News 1.18.12

Austin’s Wizard, Don Amendolia, Chats WICKED  I had read Gregory Maguire’s amazing novel when it was first published, before it became a musical, so by the time I read the show script I was aware of how much my character differed from medium to medium.  Over all, I tend to remember who the Wizard was from the movie; more of a snake-oil salesman, carnival shaman who’s trying to hold on to his accidental world.  He’s not a bad man, he’s just not a very good Wizard.

Boise Philharmonic Presents Oz With Orchestra  “This is one of the most difficult things I’ll do all year,” said Boise Philharmonic Maestro Robert Franz. The challenge, according to Franz, comes from syncing the orchestra with the movie–following second-by-second cues from the film to create a seamless experience. “I’ve done this once before and it’s extraordinary,” added Franz.

The Wonderful World of OZ at The Children’s Museum in La Crosse  “It’s very exciting, it is something new to learn about. It allows families to come together and learn different things. We bring in different exhibits that focus on different things. The Wizard of OZ focuses on literacy. It’s for all ages again and it focuses on the book, not the movie,” says The Children’s Museum Project Director Christina Knudsen.

Re-Covered Books: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum  So here’s your objective. Make a contemporary version of a modern day classic. Don’t make a cover to the movie, make it a cover to the book. But make sure it feels fresh and new. I’d suggest looking at the work of Neil Kellerhouse, who is leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else when it comes to contemporary design. Make it fresh, make it new, and make it amazing. This time around you’ve got a pretty sweet prize. This time around we’re giving away an Apple TV (which is American, not sure if it matters), so you really need to throw some blood, sweat and tears into this one. Sound like a plan?


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