Oz in the News 1.17.12

Children’s Theatre Takes a Long Walk Down Memory Lane   Weber and Forbes’ are collaborating on a collection of memorabilia reaching back to the first WCT season that will be on display Saturday afternoon at Wauwatosa West High School in a celebration of its diamond anniversary following a 2 p.m. performance of “The Crying Princess and the Golden Goose.”  Among the gems she discovered was an original photo print from the 1936-’37 season from a show called “The Patchwork Girl of Oz,” a play based on the seventh Oz book by Frank Baum, published in 1913.

New pictures of Jersey Jack Pinball’s Wizard of Oz  Hot on the heels of the reveal of Stern’s AC/DC Pinball (now updated with a playfield pic) comes new pictures of the competition – Wizard of Oz Pinball by Jersey Jack Pinball. This is on track for a March release and I also read that they have already pre-sold 1000 units with hopes of selling 2000 by the time the year is out – pretty good numbers for a pinball game these days from what I hear.

L. Frank Baum’s Yellow Brick Road  Baum lived for two of his formative years in a town with a yellow brick road. But Curran goes further than that. He thinks Baum probably arrived in Peekskill by way of the Hudson River, in a steamboat. Since he didn’t have a map app for his smartphone, he probably asked directions to the academy when he landed. The inevitable answer? “Follow the yellow brick road.” Which, then, of course, we all imagine him doing while skipping arm-in-arm with a scarecrow and a man made of tin.


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