Oz in the News 1.15.12

Cazenovia bed and breakfast once owned by L. Frank Baum’s grandparents   The Stanton House Bed & Breakfast, at 2427 Stanton Road, Cazenovia, usually filled with guests between May and October, is a well-kept secret. Kyle and Maria Doan have owned the five-bedroom, 3 1/2-bath Colonial on more than 120 acres since 1991. Maria said the original home was built in the mid-1800s, and was reported to have some of the first indoor bathrooms in Madison County. The Doans lovingly restored and furnished the home, once owned by author L. Frank Baum’s grandparents.

‘Wizard of Oz’ has connections to Rochester, Syracuse   Like thousands of other pre-1951 movies captured on nitrate film, the 1939 The Wizard of Oz is stored at George Eastman House’s Louis B. Mayer Conservation Center in Chili. Warner Bros. borrowed back the original camera negatives from their 40-degree, low-humidity vault to create the high-definition DVD and Blu-ray versions for the movie’s 70th anniversary in 2009. Stored properly, the original film can last 800 years, Engle says. The Eastman House also has the cameras and equipment used to create the Technicolor film. “You could say we are the only city in the world that can re-create Oz,” she says. The Eastman House also preserves the only existing version of the 1910 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz silent film — based more on a 1902 stage musical of the story than on Baum’s 1900 book. Oz is not a dream in the original story. Baum included sequences and characters that didn’t make MGM’s movie, such as a scene in which a band of mice rescues the Cowardly Lion from the sleep-inducing poppy field.


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