Oz in the News 1.9.12

OZ Book Covers  Traveling from one reality (Earth) to another (OZ) is the consistent theme throughout the OZ books.
To capture this sense of travel (and as an homage to the classic film) I utilized color to evoke two different realities: one in black and white and the other in rich color. Black vector based artwork was fused onto the Plexiglass cases while the actual wrapped around book cover symbolized the world of OZ with its vivid color and artwork.

Sam Raimi’s Oz Will Start Off In Black & White Too  “We’re doing the same thing as the first Wizard Of Oz. We’re making it black and white in the beginning and then (it gets) colourful when we enter the land of Oz. It’s also going to be a 3D movie; I’m so excited about that. It’s going to add a whole new level to the awesomeness of Oz. The project is so much fun. I’m working with an amazing cast, an amazing director. It’s so awesome, it’s just like the first (movie), but this one explains how it all happened, how Oz became Oz, how it led to Dorothy coming. The sets on this project are amazing, it’s breathtaking. Every time my mom and I step on the yellow brick road we get so excited, we’re like, ‘Oh my God, follow the yellow brick road.’ It’s really cool working on a big budget movie, because without the big budget they wouldn’t be able to do the detailed sets. I’m really excited for you guys to see the movie! China Girl is my main character, she’s in most of the movie. She’s really fun – she’s sassy. She lost her family when the Wicked Witches came in. Now, Oz sort of becomes her adopted father.”

Classic Costumes To Go On Display In London The velvet green gown donned by Vivien Leigh in 1939 epic Gone With The Wind will be the star piece in the Hollywood Costume exhibition at the Victoria & Albert museum in the British capital. The gingham dress worn by Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz is being loaned to the show by a private collector and will be displayed alongside a pair of ruby slippers the actress wore as Dorothy in the 1939 musical.  The exhibition, set to open in autumn (12), will also feature movie clips and interviews with stars including Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro.

The Wizard of Oz at the National Museum of Play®
January 21—May 13, 2012
 Follow the Yellow Brick Road to The Wizard of Oz exhibit at the National Museum of Play at The Strong®. Come over the rainbow with Dorothy and Toto on a multi-sensory exploration of the colorful Land of Oz. Meet and greet many of the characters and enjoy Oz-themed crafts and activities at exciting interactive programs for kids and families throughout the run of this exhibit.


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