Oz in the News 1.7.12

How Frank Baum Became the Wizard of Coronado  “Our Queen Anne architecture suited his inherent fancifulness,” said Christine Donovan, director of heritage programs at the Hotel del Coronado. “The visualness of the Del is what he truly enjoyed. I believe he thought in pictures.” So fascinated by the hotel was Baum that he volunteered to design the lighting in what would be renamed, in tribute to his vision, the Crown Room. While he’d already created the Emerald City by the time he first came to the Del, Baum likely appreciated the hotel’s own brand of architectural whimsy, Donovan said.

‘Face Off’ returns to Syfy with the ‘Wizard of Oz’  Last season we got to watch some incredibly talented makeup artists battle it out on Syfy’s reality show “Face Off.” Well, the show is back with a brand new season and it’s got a whole new crop of body painters, special effects artists and wild personalities.
The teams have to recreate and redesign characters from “The Wizard of Oz,” including the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, the Wicked Witch of the West and the Scarecrow. Things don’t go as planned for the contestants.

Architecture In The Wizard Of Oz: Dorothy’s Cottage  Dorothy’s cottage can best be considered a point of transition. The simple cottage represents Dorothy’s primitive and un-evolved beginnings. The whirlwind represented evolution, as described by author L. Frank Baum’s Theosophist colleagues. Roman writer Vitruvius spoke of th a primitive hut from which all architecture originates. Early contructions of houses were the original temples, said Vitruvius. Medieval scholars such as Walther Rivius and eighteenth century architect Marc-Antoine Laugier grasped on this explanation for man’s origins.


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