Oz in the News 1.5.12

Land of Oz to get Tin Man slide  Everybody knows the Tin Man had a heart. But this summer, area youngsters will be able to slide down his legs. The Aberdeen Sertoma Club is planning a new slide for Storybook Land that will be patterned after the Tin Man character. The shiny “Wizard of Oz” character will be sitting on the ground with his knees elevated in such a way that two slides will be incorporated into the Tin Man’s legs. The slide will be 15 feet tall and 27 feet long. “So it’s a good-sized structure,” said Bill Roth of the Sertoma Club.

Victoria Pendleton hopes to follow the road to Olympics gold   CYCLING ace Victoria Pendleton is off to see the wizard about her medal chances in the London 2012 Olympics. She showed off her athletic form by dressing up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz to promote healthy eating.
Victoria. 31, who won gold at the 2008 Beijing Games, has admitted the Games in August will be her last – and is aiming to bow out on a high in front of her home crowd.

‘Oz’ insults prompts firefighters union to avoid Palm Bay deli   During the Dec. 15 meeting, The Brown Bag owner John Paolella said the council had become the “Land of Oz” and called councilmen Ken Greene and William Capote as “The Scarecrow without a brain” and “The Cowardly Lion.”Paolella also included Councilwoman Michele Paccione in the “Oz” analogy, but then said during the meeting, “I won’t call her the Good Witch, or the Bad Witch or any witch.” McMillen said everyone is entitled to their opinion, but “they don’t need to get nasty about it. There’s a line that was crossed.”


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