Oz in the News 12.29.11

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Ridgecrest anymore  In honor of his his iconic Munchkin friend, Jerry Maren ,the center (Lollipop Guild Kid you see in 1939 film, who hands Dorothy the Lollipop), Lyle Gregory dedicates the Ridgecrest 2011 Historic Oz House Presentation to Maren who is now 91 years old, and the last surviving male Munchkin from The Wizard of Oz. The colorful 3D Munchkin Land scenes you will see this year at The Historic Ridgecrest Oz House is the creation of Lyle Gregory and his Brother and business partner Noli Laqui and Laqui’s eight children. The Oz murals are an official gift from the People of Philippines to the People of Ridgecrest and to The State of California.

Peekskill’s L. Frank Baum – OZ Connections  We know that the Peekskill’s roadway paved with yellow bricks existed at Peekskill at least in the 1830s. In his arrivals and departures from Peekskill, either by train or steamboat, this yellow brick road was convenient, busy and always visible. An observant and sensitive young Frank Baum may well have noticed the road of yellow pavement as it connected Peekskill to the outside world, and as a passageway to his home in upstate New York. His several comings and goings into and out of Peekskill during his two years experience at Peekskill apparently remained stored in his mind for future use.

Dorothy and the Witches of Oz: New Title, New Stills, New Release Date  Though Witches of Oz has already received a DVD release in the UK and been released in a longer mini-series format in parts of Europe, Palace/Imaginarium have given the film a minor title change and will be giving a feature-length cut of the film with upgraded special effects a theatrical run in February with an American DVD release to follow. A new trailer reflecting these changes is due to hit the web shortly after the New Year.


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