Oz in the News 12.10.11

Friends wear Dorothy costumes to go to Oz   UNDRAISERS dressed as Wizard of Ozcharacters, generated £1,000 for Cancer Research during their journey to watch Australia play rugby. Simon Gilgallon took on the role of Dorothy, Simon Nicholson posed as the lion, John Adams was the scarecrow and Alf Rodway the tin man, when the group from Titchfield headed to watch the Barbarians take on Australia at Twickenham. Simon, 46, of Belfry Walk, Titchfield, who had the idea, said: ‘It was a great day. We got such a good reaction from everyone. Kids kept stopping us and asking for our pictures and we got a couple of wolf whistles too! We had no idea how it was going to go beforehand, we thought people might just ignore us, so it was really surprising to raise so much money, especially with Children in Need and Christmas being so near.”

InDepth InterView Exclusive: Michael Crawford Talks THE WIZARD OF OZ   “It’s extraordinary the power that it has. It’s hard to analyze the success of WIZARD OF OZ as a movie that has the staying power that it does today – because it is so childlike. And, yet, the morality of the piece is acceptable to youngsters – they are interested in that morality. The simplicity of someone saying, “You already have a heart,” – they know he’s got a heart because of his gentility through the piece. And, The Scarecrow’s got a brain because of his thoughtfulness. So, the children already know, but it educates them – I think it does something for them, as well.”

National Museum of American History closing galleries during major renovation  The National Museum of American History is continuing the renovation of its almost 50-year-old building. This time it wouldn’t be shuttering the entire building but will close the 120,000 square foot exhibition space known as the West Wing. The most famous artifacts from that area, such as Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers from the classic “Wizard of Oz’’ will be moved to exhibit cases on the first floor.


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