Oz in the News 12.7.11

Oz museum needs help to stay open “It doesn’t matter the size of the donations, big or small, once you put it all together it works. We’re doing a thing called “It Takes Two.” And, all you do is you send in $2, or more if you choose, with your name and we have an “It Takes Two” club. It will be posted in the museum, it’s on our website,” said Colleen Zimmer, Oz-Stravaganza Co-Director. For more information about how to help the museum, call (315) 333-2286. You can also visit www.oz-stravaganza.com.

Enjoy a Tribute to Judy GarlandJack Schnur, videotape editor at CBS for 30 years, will present “Judy Garland Beyond the Rainbow” on Sunday, Dec. 11 at the North Bellmore Public Library at 2 p.m. The show will follow Judy Garland’s stage and screen career.

Barney Frank compares GOP presidential candidates to “Wizard of Oz” characters  “Mitt Romney is the Tin Woodman without a heart, and Rick Perry is clearly the Scarecrow. Newt’s the Wizard of Oz… there is nothing there.”


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