Oz in the News 12.1.11

Wizard of Oz Aerial Burlesque  Aerial Art performances include a Wicked Witch of the West (Talia Risa) flying through the air in death defying heights on aerial silks. Engage yourself as the Scarecrow (Emilie Arbaugh) tipsy –turvys above the audience displaying the most impossible acrobatic moves on a single rope. The strength enduring Tin Man (Amanda Bazille) will be performing straps with a sense of artistic grace. Watch carefully, as the Lion (Mandy Stockholm) demonstrate incredible style and beauty on the freestanding pole. Emerald City Fire Girl (Lark) will dazzle you with her flaming fierce fire fans. Gasp, as a duo of mischievous Flying Monkeys (Jolene Dickerson and Petra Delarocha) undoubtedly play tricks on the static trapeze. And watch in awe, as The Wizard of OZ (Sara T. Hill) floats in mid-air on the “hot air balloon” aerial hoop. Burlesque performances by the amazing and beautiful Sandria Dore as Dorothy, her classic pin-up burlesque style with a hint of flirtatious humor will entrance us all. And the delicious Angelique DeVil’s upbeat, pop-n’-lock neo-burlesque dance style will bring an energetic atmosphere to the production as Glinda, The Good Witch of the North.

Cowardly Lion costume from ‘Wizard of Oz’ on the auction block  One of the two known Cowardly Lion costumes worn by Bert Lahr in “The Wizard of Oz” is set to join Dorothy’s ruby slippers on the auction block later this month. We’re not sure who has the courage — especially in this economy — to drop a cool $3 million (or more) on such a trophy, but some small part of us would love to see it go to former CBS News anchor Dan Rather who, you may recall, briefly but famously made the word “courage” his one-word broadcast signoff back in 1986.

Reinventing the classics  Hollywood stars often complain about being typecast. But most actors are just happy to have steady work. For Dan Chameroy, a well-respected vet of the Stratford Festival, that occasionally requires a dress and a healthy does of makeup to create Plumbum von Botox.
Plumbum began life as an ugly stepsister in executive producer Ross Petty’s production of Cinderella back in 2008. Chameroy has since reprised the role in Robin Hood, playing Maid Marian’s guardian and starting this week, the Wizard of Oz, as Dorothy’s aunt. If you’re having trouble remembering an aunt in Oz, you’re forgiven. Plumbum was dropped into these familiar tales as part of the English tradition of pantomime.

Mercer Islander traveled the yellow brick road  “I was just an Emerald City townsperson,” Glass said of her role. “All the way through the movie, we were in and out [of scenes].” Glass’ involvement in the movie confirms the adage that having a friend or relative in ‘the business’ helps to get a foot in the door. Glass, who turns 91 on Dec. 4, got the part because her cousin, Mervyn LeRoy, was the film’s producer. LeRoy is credited for discovering Clark Gable, Loretta Young, Robert Mitchum and Lana Turner.

Tototally adorable shoes  The Prime Minister’s wife teamed a stunning Holly Fulton dress with a va-va-voom pair of “Dorothy” red heels from shoe designer Charlotte Olympia. The shoes – named after Judy Garland’s famous pair in The Wizard Of Oz – cost £590, but Sam borrowed them for Monday night’s event in central London, which was also attended by Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss.


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