Oz in the News 11.28.11

Angelo Tirotto twists Oz in ‘No Place Like Home’   The Image Comics horror series was inspired by The Wizard of Oz and the setting of L Frank Baum‘s fantasy world. The series is illustrated by Richard Jordan and focuses on a young woman called Dee who leaves Los Angeles to return to her Kansas childhood home when her parents are killed in what seems to be a freak tornado. “The realisation her life has so suddenly and dramatically changed leaves her emotional and overwhelmed,” Tirotto told Comic Book Resources.

Cape collector auctions off movie memorabilia for charity   “People say, ‘Oh my God, oh my God, I can’t believe there’s Dorothy’s dress!’ It makes me feel wonderful that I saved all these things… These costumes have a direct and meaningful connection to people.  But, I’m tired of traveling, I’m tired of being responsible for it. I just want to find a new home for my collection where the public can still appreciate it,” said LeBold, 72, of Brewster. “I don’t want to see it broken up.”


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