Oz in the News 11.25.11

Costumes from the Golden Age of Hollywood on display at Turning Stone  The exhibit will feature 30 rare costumes in six separate rooms. John Lebold began collecting costumes at the age of nine with his first purchase being for his mother – a dress worn by Hollywood legend Marlene Dietrich. In his teens, Lebold was hired by Paramount Pictures as a “dresser,” and since then, his collection has grown to over 1,500 pieces. Along with Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland, there are also pieces worn by Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor and even James Dean.

C5 to spend Xmas with Oz  UK terrestrial Channel 5 has confirmed it will air swords and sandals miniseries Ben Hur alongside The Witches of Oz as part of its Christmas schedule. The two part series follows a children’s writer named Dorothy who comes to realise the magical world of Oz that features in her books is real. She must then prevent the Wicked Witch of the West from carrying out her plans for world domination. The miniseries comes from Palace Imaginarium in the US and is distributed by MarVista Entertainment.

What The Wizard of Oz Can Teach Us about Bullying  Though almost all of us have seen The Wizard of Oz numerous times, we insist on ignoring its message. In your childhood you may have missed its significance, but the Emerald City is a metaphor for our nation’s modern, shiny government capital and the Wizard for its almighty leader. Like Dorothy, we believe that government can legislate for us a completely safe environment. Last week, a leading anti-bullying organization disseminated a petition to President Obama urging him to demand that the government carry out its mandate to eliminate bullying from schools. Yes, we believe that our president, like the Wizard of Oz, possesses the power to get rid of bullying––but he’s been holding out on us!


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