Oz in the News 11.8.11

West End musicals may close during London Olympics 2012  Major West End musicals are debating the possibility of closing for the duration of the London Olympics, according to financial website This is MoneyThe Really Useful Group, Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s production company, is reportedly considering closing West End shows including The Phantom of the Opera and The Wizard of Oz, with tourist bookings predicted to slide in July and August.

Marianne Benedict on Becoming the Wicked Witch  Audiences are following the yellow brick road over the rainbow to see Danielle Hope, winner of BBC TV’s Over the Rainbow, play Dorothy at The London Palladium, the capital’s home of the family musical. Meet the new Wicked Witch, Marianne Benedict!

‘Wizard of Oz’ on Top of Best Fantasy Movies List  In the process of making comprehensive lists of the best movies from every genre, IGN has released their catalogue of the greatest in the fantasy genre.  First on the list is the classic, “The Wizard of Oz.” Lauded for its creative use of color (just as the medium was a new discovery) to transition Dorothy from her drab life in Kansas to the wickedly wonderful world of Oz. With the imaginative rendering of the fantasy world that allows lions, scarecrows and tin men to come alive and join the adventure and a soundtrack that is near unforgettable even after so many years since its release, “The Wizard of Oz” remains the epitome of a perfect fantasy film.


One response to “Oz in the News 11.8.11

  1. wow the wizard of oz in london and I know some people who live in london and they saw it. and I wish that it would come here so that way I can see it ozzy days

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