Oz in the News 10.28.11

‘The Talk’ goes to Emerald City for Halloween  The Talk takes a walk down the yellow brick road for its Wizard of Oz-themed episode, airing Monday. Co-hosts Dorothy (Sara Gilbert), the Tin Man (Julie Chen), the Cowardly Lion (Sheryl Underwood), Scarecrow (Aisha Tyler) and Glinda the Good Witch (Sharon Osbourne) welcome guests Paula Deen and Cloris Leachman. Look for Deen to share her signature Monkey Bread and for Leachman to fly in as the Wicked Witch of the West. The show promises a special surprise guest Wizard of Oz.

John Goberman’s reasons to check out The Wizard of Oz with Orchestra  “You don’t realize when you see it that the orchestra is playing the whole time. To take the music off of the track was very difficult. And the score had been thrown away. A lot of the score had to be reconstructed from what’s on screen. A lot of the parts didn’t exist. You’re hearing the original music in a way that no one has since 1938. This is a very faithful reproduction of what was originally composed for this film.”

Off to see the Wizard  “There was a lot of great symphonic music that was written for film, but the form of the music doesn’t exist so it’s a little hard to listen to a film score without seeing what was written for it. So, what we did was take the music off the film, have the orchestra play it, and see what the orchestra is accompanying at the same time.”

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