Oz in the News 10.20.11

Cult movie icon speaks at CMU  Born and raised in Michigan, actor Bruce Campbell returned home to share a piece of his mind with the students of Central Michigan University.  “I have a pivotal role in that (Sam Raimi’s Oz) but I can’t tell you that,” Campbell said with a smile. “Everybody we have ever worked with from Michigan is going to be in this movie…It’s all the women from Evil Dead, all the guys from Army of Darkness and Evil Dead Two. It’s everybody Sam has ever worked with because the cast is so huge. “Sam understands that if I’m going to be in his big shot movies, just give me something decent, give me a fun little scene with the star. In Oz I get to torment James Franco. I run the back gate of Oz, not the front gate. I’m the gate keeper and he ain’t getting in, that’s all I have to say.”

Evening of ‘Wicked’ recollections, songs set at Edgerton Center  “We will be doing a few of the songs from `Wicked,’ ” said Dee Roscioli, 34, of the selections audiences can expect during two “Women of Wicked” performances on Saturday, Oct. 22. “We will take one or two and do them in an unexpected way. And we’ll be performing other songs that we enjoy singing.” Roscioli, who has played Elphaba, or the Wicked Witch of the West, in several productions of the popular, award-winning musical “Wicked,” will be joined by fellow Broadway performers and friends Katie Rose Clarke and Jennifer DiNoia. In addition to performing, the trio expects to share some behind-the-scenes stories.

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