Oz in the News 10.12.11

Theater review: Briskey belts it as Garland at Carnegie Hall  Despite the title, the show is not simply a re-creation of Garland’s lauded concert – which was recorded for an album that won a Grammy Award for Album of the Year (the first time a woman won in that category). Yes, the show gives a taste of many of the songs from the concert. But it also includes other tunes that were pivotal in Garland’s life – because the primary focus of the play is on telling her melodramatic true story.

“Literary Witches” to Alight Oct. 28 at Ray Bradbury Storytelling Festival  “From Elphaba to Rowena Ravenclaw, witches rule pop culture these days,” said Elizabeth Stearns, the Waukegan library’s assistant director of community services. “You can find memorable characters, good and evil, all over our shelves.” The upcoming festival will spotlight some of the wickedest witches in the library’s canon of classics, Stearns says.  As the Wicked Witch of the West, storyteller Megan Wells will evoke winged monkeys and a murder of crows in a headlong quest to destroy Dorothy and acquire her magical shoes. Wells serves as artistic director of the festival and appears each year in the persona of various nefarious characters, from Dracula to Mr. Dark. She holds an MFA in theater arts and numerous theater awards including the Joseph Jefferson Award for directing.

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