Oz in the News 10.8.11

Interview: New Emilio Estevez, Martin Sheen film inspired by ‘Wizard of Oz’  “This is a retelling of it, in a way,” said Estevez, sitting alongside Sheen at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago in mid-September. “There’s an emotion tornado that happens in Tom’s (Sheen’s character’s) life that picks him up in California and deposits him in Spain. Our Emerald City is Santiago de Compostela.”

Garden of Oz  It’s a low wall, fantastically decorated with all manner of ancient Matchbox cars and Hot Wheels — a miniature freeway set in mortar. In the wall, an iron gate; beyond the gate, a yellow brick–paved pathway pierces a hallucinatory riot of plants and flowers festooned over benches, fountains, nooks and planters, all covered in wildly glazed ceramic mosaics and tiles hand-painted in every color of the rainbow.

Orlando’s Bra-ha-ha fundraiser battles breast cancer  Swans, dragons and “The Wizard of Oz” inspired bras that were donated, decorated and raffled off Thursday evening at Orlando’s first Bra-ha-ha fundraiser. More than 50 works of bra art were designed for the event, and all will be displayed through the weekend on the second floor of Neiman Marcus atMall at Millenia.  The bra named “Courage” featured the Cowardly Lion from “The Wizard of Oz” on one cup and a card that read: “You are not alone. Your courage is inspiring.”


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