Oz in the News 10.4.11

Malibu beach house once owned by Judy Garland is sold A Malibu beach house owned by actress Judy Garland when she was married to film and stage director Vincente Minnelli has sold for $1,475,000.  The grant deed shows that Judy Garland Minnelli purchased the then newly built house in November 1947.  The buyers are Mitchell and Stacy Leib. Mitchell Leib is president of music and soundtracks at Disney Studios.

Talent Showcase Supports ‘All Things Oz’  “We have a lot of great local talent, some regional recording artists, and a few surprises scheduled to appear at the event,” said Baum. “It is going to be a fun time for everyone. Everything we do at the Oz-Stravaganza! Festival is not Wizard of Oz related. We have music and entertainment for the whole family, rides and games, vendors and so much more than just OZ.”

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz #1 Review  Eric Shanower has done an impeccable job of adapting L. Frank Baum’s other books about Dorothy, and here he continues his impressive streak of expertly crafted stories.  Skottie Young’s artwork is as masterful as ever. He is without a doubt one of most consistently high-quality artists in the business and never fails to turn in artwork that is as stylized as it is beautiful, and as dynamic as it is heart-warming (or heart-stopping, if he is drawing Venom).


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