Oz in the News 9.8.11

Wizard of Oz-Themed Sermon Series to be Preached at Florida Megachurch  “W,” as the series is being called, is a sort of simplified, hybrid title for fans of both the “Wizard of Oz” and “Wicked,” and the series will feature everything from the serious to the silly.  On one hand, Gramling will be tackling many important spiritual, emotional and relationship issues, examining characters in both the famous film and play as the starting point for helping his congregation to really examine themselves. On the other hand, worship services will include some fun and theatrics, including a musical performance of Kanye West’s hit-single “Heartless” by the Tin Man.

Dorothy of Oz and the festival – voice over contest information Summertime Entertainment, the production company behind the 3D CG-animated musical DOROTHY OF OZ set to bow in 2012, will have a designated area on the event’s grounds. In honor of the fest, Summertime Entertainment is holding two contests.  Festival attendees will be able to actually audition for a cameo in the film by convincing the judges in 30 seconds or less why they’d make a great character voice. Contests entrants will also have to prove (via printout or on a mobile device) that they have “liked” the film’s Facebook fan page.  And for those unable to attend the festival, fans can also submit a 30-second or less video why they should have a voiceover line in the film and post it on the DOROTHY OF OZ Facebook wall. The online contest will run from Wednesday, Sept. 7 to Saturday, Sept. 17.

Students help developmentally disabled adults follow the yellow brick road in ‘Oz’ production  The students are part of a new group called Sharing Helping Inspiring New Experiences, which provides volunteers for programs sponsored by AID in conjunction with VIP Industries. Chris Marsyla has composed an original music score for the play.


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