Oz in the News 8.31.11

Darryn’s in the Wizard from Oz  BIG Brother turned into the Wizard of Oz yesterday when the housemates were forced to dress as characters from the classic movie for their shopping task. The three housemates facing eviction – Bobby, Kerry and Sally – all became Dorothy and got to choose the roles for the other housemates. They picked Darryn as the Tin Man, Paddy as Dorothy’s dog Toto, Pamela as the cowardly Lion, Lucien as the Wicked Witch and Amy as the brainless Scarecrow.

10 Most Iconic Images in Film History  Depicting a firm sense of friendship despite both physical and emotional differences, this is one of a number of lasting images from a well-loved and iconic film. Judy Garland’s youthful effervescence is radiant and perfectly captures the spirit of the films narrative. The supporting cast help cement the unity of the group and their happy expressions again confirm the generally cheery disposition of the film. Today, The Wizard of Oz remains as popular as it was upon its release, with all manner of merchandise still readily available. In fact, this image alone can be found on anything from a greetings card to a lunch box, via a 3D poster! What remains certain is that this particular still will remain within popular culture for many years to come.


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