Oz in the News 7.29.11

International Wizard of Oz Convention August 5 to 7  “We love a reason to get together, and having a yellow brick road to follow just seems like a perfect fit for our members,” Jane Albright, member of the club, said. Albright has been to other yellow brick roads around the country in places like South Dakota, New York and Kansas, but the atmosphere atop Beech Mountain is different, she said.
“They aren’t the same. They are in the middle of a mall, town or park,” Albright said. “To walk down the yellow brick road in North Carolina feels very much like [you are] Dorothy in Oz [because] you are surrounded by an incredible natural landscape. It’s surreal.”

Lea Michele To Reveals Dorothy Of Oz Songs At Comic-Con  Glee’s Lea Michele is due to appear at Comic-Con 2011 to perform songs from her new, 3D, movie adaptation of Wizard Of Oz titled ‘Dorothy Of Oz’. The actress/ singer, who trained on Braodway, will appear at the convention on Saturday (July 23), to perform the songs which were written by Bryan Adams.

Urban Pup is off to see the wonderful Wizard of Oz, and Toto!  Urban Pup Managing Director Denis Kelly, who attended The Wizard of Oz musical said ‘The show was superb and so was Toto, he played his part to perfection and I am pleased to report that Urban Pup’s  Green Crystal collar and lead set looked like a million dollars. Against the backdrop of the London Palladium plus an amazing set and with a wonderful cast Urban Pup’s Green Crystal collar and lead set fitted in perfectly.’   Denis added, ‘We are delighted to be partners to this great show. As with all Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musicals anyone paying a visit to the world famous London Palladium will be in for a great evening’s entertainment, kids will love it and so will those big kids, better known as the parents!’

Zambelli Fireworks to Light Up Prestigious International Competition With The Wizard of Oz  Zambelli’s performance, slated for Wednesday, July 20th in Quebec, will pay tribute to one of the great American film classics, The Wizard of Oz.  The sparkling rendition promises to leave the audience breathless as they follow the yellow brick road into the night sky, then fly off with Dorothy to the Emerald City. “We are extremely excited and proud to be a part of this world renowned competition,” said George R. Zambelli, Jr. MD, Zambelli Chairman. “To be one of only eight global companies invited to one the most prestigious competitions of its kind in the world, and to be the sole representative for the United States, is an immense honor. It’s like making the World Cup Finals of fireworks competitions.”

A wonderful guide to 11 Oz films you may be seeing in theaters soon  Fairy-tale fever seems to have struck Hollywood, with all signs pointing to the hallowed green halls of the Emerald City. Oz has suddenly become the premier destination for a battalion of producers, directors and studios stampeding to stake their claim for the next lucrative franchise from the lands of children’s literature. An avalanche of sequels, prequels and just plain freaky distortions of the original material looms just over the rainbow, including live action, CGI, stop-motion animation, classically adapted, steampunk renditions, dark takes and contemporary visitations. Nothing is sacred in the magical land of Oz anymore.

Lloyd Webber’s Latest Creation: Breathing Space  Andrew Lloyd Webber has earned seven Tony Awards, a knighthood and hundreds of millions of dollars for writing some of the most popular musicals of all time, from his 1968 breakthrough, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” to “The Phantom of the Opera,” the longest-running show ever on Broadway. Nearly as legendary is his ego, a self-confidence worthy of an impresario whose success has long emboldened him to think on grand scales. Which is why it was hard to believe Mr. Lloyd Webber when he said, during a recent interview, that he may stop involving himself in future productions of his work.

“Judy at Carnegie Hall”  It’s hard to believe, but in the 30-plus years of the CD era the original album version of “Judy at Carnegie Hall” has never been available in digital format. From its first incarnation on CD in 1987 until now, every CD release has strayed from that original two record vinyl album. It must be noted that the vinyl version is what the legacy of “Judy at Carnegie Hall” was based on for over 25 years, won the five Grammy’s, the accolades and the enduring legend. However, since 1987, an entire generation of fans has grown up knowing only the experience of the complete CD versions, and not the original album. This 2012 JSP Records release brings the recording full circle by premiering the original mono album on CD. Fans who only know the complete CD releases are in for a treat. The original album is still a singular aural experience like none other.


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