Oz in the News 7.8.11

Search warrant served in San Diego seeking Dorothy’s ruby slippers  According to a search warrant obtained by News 8, investigators with the San Diego County District Attorney’s office and the California Department of Insurance went looking for the stolen, million-dollar slippers on June 23 at a home on Redcrest Court in the southeastern San Diego community of Skyline.  The house is rented by 55-year-old Joseph Randall.  “The thing is, I don’t want people knowing I have ruby slippers,” said Randall outside the home. “And I’ve tried to keep it that way for the last 20 years.”


2 responses to “Oz in the News 7.8.11


    There were 12 pairs of ruby slippers the arabian pair, bowless pair, (4 pair size 5C, Judy Garlands) (5 pair size 5BC stand-In) These 9 shoes were for rehearsal, non-Dance scenes, N Dance scenes. Finally, The 9 shoes were in such bad shape from usage they asked the lady who created the originals 2 make a very special pair (size 5C refered to as The Replica Pair) Used for film close ups only, they were very ruby red and on film they looked like they were magical. For that reason they are the most sought after of all the slippers because they survived with very little damage and were made and delivered to the set in less than 5 hours.

  2. The only way you could have known about all 12 pair of shoes is if you were very close to Kent Warner who found 11 pair in the back lot of MGM Studios. He had Judy Garland sign the bottom of one pair at the Oscars and it was marked with Ms Garlan shoe #12. I was lucky enough to see them with 10 others in his home and he had this ghost lover who was just a kid who never wanted anyone to know he was Kent’s lover. I saw this young man one time and he we a very nice looking guy. If you have the last pair then you must be that little boy I remember who was living with him in SilverLake, CA. Good to see you were able to save one of the originals because he had a shoe burning party and everyone who came did not believe he would burn a real pair of shoes.

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