Oz in the News 7.6.11

Could you be a Munchkin?  Disney Studios is seeking little people — 4 feet 7 inches or smaller — to play Munchkins. Actors can be any ethnicity, but must be 18 years old and older. Filming begins in September and continues through early November.  Please list your availability even if it is just one day.  Some talent may work one day or up to four weeks.  For pay rate and travel details, submit your information and you will be contacted.

Wizard of Oz Materials Not Subject to Copyright, Appeals Court Finds  In the 28-page opinion issued today, Warner Brothers did prevail on a bunch of points. But it wasn’t a total victory by any means: In a reversal of the original U.S. District court ruling, the eighth circuit appellate judges found that reproductions from original movie posters and lobby cards for the two films are not subject to Warner Brothers’ copyright — making them OK for certain kinds of reproduction.  At issue in the much-blogged-about case are original publicity materials from the two 1939 films. Although the films are indisputably still under a Warner Brothers copyright (which that company owns after buying the rights from MGM), a bunch of lobby cards, movie posters and still photographs that promoted them are not.

Wizard’s spell  Baum’s fantastical tale has inspired numerous feature films over the years, with 1939’s Academy Award winning Wizard of Oz, starring Judy Garland, certainly ranking as one of the most beloved movies ever made. Meanwhile, at least five new Oz films are in the planning stages. Then there’s the cartoons and the comics (both wholesome and naughty), the TV shows, stage plays, video games and literary revisions. Truly, the outpouring of creative endeavours sparked by Baum’s vision is staggering.

Danielle follows her dream at Palladium  “To start my career doing this is amazing. I can’t believe that I’m now doing this for a living. I had a couple of part-time jobs in a pub and as a waitress, but this is my first real job. The strangest bit is that I’m the leading lady and I’m fresh out of school – I didn’t even get to go to drama school.” The former Knutsford High pupil beat thousands of stage hopefuls to win BBC’s Over The Rainbow last year to star in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new smash-hit musical.


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