Oz in the News 6.14.11

Marvel’s Dorothy & The Wizard in Oz This September writer Eric Shanower and artist Skottie Young delight in putting Dorothy in harm’s way once again with their fourth Oz adaptation for Marvel, DOROTHY & THE WIZARD IN OZ. Picking up shortly after the events of the OZMA OF OZ, Dorothy and Uncle Bill return stateside to California’s City by the Bay just in time for the devastating earthquake of 1906. Before the earth gives way, however, Dorothy finds herself some new companions for the adventure to come including her cousin Zeb and two more animal friends, a horse named Jim and a cat named Eureka.  “Zeb is a year or two older than Dorothy,” Shanower says, outlining the supporting cast. “He works on their Uncle Bill’s farm in California. Uncle Bill also owns Jim, a former Chicago cab-horse, who pulls the Hugson’s buggy. On her way through San Francisco, Dorothy finds Eureka, a pretty sarcastic kitten [who] unlike Dorothy’s dog, Toto, has no problem talking and making her opinions known.

The Lost in Oz Trilogy is Complete!  Four years after the release of his first novel, author Joshua Patrick Dudley celebrates the release of the final installment in his Lost in Oz trilogy, Temple of the Deadly Desert.  After directing two amateur films, Dudley says that he was excited to return to writing. “I really put a lot of focus into developing the characters and trying to make them into relatable people that my audience can enjoy reading about. My first two novels were more about the story of these kids and not about the kids themselves. The third book presents a lot of new ideas in exciting ways and is very self-analytical. The characters deconstruct themselves and the story they created as they continue on their journey, discovering why it is important to preserve the stories of Oz the way they were meant to be.”

John Waters to present ‘The Wizard of Oz’ at the Music Box  Slathered in rouge, a beautiful and mysterious woman coddles a kitty at the end of “The Wizard of Oz.” Who is she? Don’t blink because she’s gone in less than a second. Filmmaker John Waters calls this brief cutaway the “most obscure” shot in Victor Fleming’s 1939 landmark film. “Why the hell didn’t anyone ever interview that woman?!” he barks on the phone from his Baltimore office. “Did she end up having a happy life? I want to know!”

Jerry Maren, ‘Lollipop Munchkin,’ Remembers His Time in Oz   These days Maren is residing in a senior retirement community in North Hollywood, after living high on a hill in Hollywood for decades with his late wife Elizabeth, who passed away only months ago. Some 20 years her senior, everyone – even Maren – presumed he’d be the first to go, and adjusting to life without her isn’t easy. For years she was there to finish his sentences, or to add her punchlines to his stories.  Part Two Here

Watch This Book: THE WIZARD OF OZ, with Alicia Murphy and MajicBulletTheory  Join us in presenting WATCH THIS BOOK, a series of free outdoor film screenings celebrating family-friendly classics that are adaptations of beloved literary works!   This month, by popular demand, we are proud to present the beloved 1939 musical THE WIZARD OF OZ!  Dress up as your favorite Wizard of Oz character for a chance to win prizes including DVD’s and movie tickets!


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