Oz in the News 5.28.11

Zach Braff Signed on for Oz The Great And Powerful  Dr. John Dorian emerges from the Scrubs of Oz. In other words, Zach Breff is going to be Frank, the loyal but under-appreciated assistant to Oz. According to Deadline, Breff is in final talks to play the role of a concealed assistant to magnetic circus conjurer who is treated as a powerful wizard after his balloon blows off track into Oz and the township want him to get rid of a Wicked Witch and bring peace.

The Wiyos will bring ‘The Wizard of Oz’-themed new songs to The Nelson Odeon  Here’s some good timing for the Schoenfeld family, Oz-Stravaganza officials and members of The Wiyos.  Throw in fans of acoustic music and lovers of the work of L. Frank Baum, too.  The Wiyos will perform at 8 p.m. Friday, June 3, at the Nelson Odeon, 4035 Nelson Road, Nelson. That’s the 100-seat theater with great acoustics owned by Linda and Jeff Schoenfeld.  The band formed in New York City — it took the name from of the toughest gangs in the Big Apple circa 1890, The Why’os — will bring what its publicist calls “some of their exciting new material loosely based on Frank Baum’s ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ ”

Surviving Munchkin opens ‘The Wizard of Oz’ school play  Standing 4 feet tall, the 87-year-old Margaret Pellegrini travels around the country to share her behind-the-scene memories from the movie. Pellegrini played the character of a Sleepyhead as well as a Flowerpot Girl who presented flowers to Dorothy during the opening sequence of Director Victor Fleming’s “The Wizard of Oz.” Anywhere she goes, children get excited when they hear the word Munchkin, Pellegrini said, asking for her autograph and pictures. “It will go on forever. Because the kids grow up, they get married, they have kids of their own and they raise them up with ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ ” she said.


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