Oz in the News 5.10.11

Review: Ozma Of Oz #6  Young’s exuberant expressive work is what captivates the reader. In addition to sublime character design across the board that imbues each character with such personality and soul without a word being said, Young also gets to stretch his wings in the Nome King’s treasure trove of a palace. Young restrains himself nicely, so that not every object that gets touched is an awesome pink sheep or similar, but he adds just enough whimsy that you can’t wait to see what the next panel may bring.

The Way ‘like The Wizard Of Oz’  Emilio Estevez has compared his latest film project to The Wizard Of Oz – with his dad playing the part of Dorothy.  The 49-year-old actor and Martin Sheen, 70, star as father and son in The Way, which Emilio also wrote and directed.  Emilio said: “Martin’s character is Dorothy, Nesbitt’s is the scarecrow, and they’re looking for the wizard. Instead of Oz, they’re going to Santiago de Compostela.”

London becomes Oz for HIV walk  Walk for Life has always featured a strong fancy dress element, and this year the theme is the Wizard of Oz, turning London’s grey streets yellow for one special day in a pageant of colour and music. Expect to see a fair share of celebrities too;, past walkers have included Danni Minogue, Liz McClarnon and The Feeling.  “It’s a chance to get fit and have a fun day outdoors with friends and family with an ‘Emerald City’ festival finish,of food and drink stalls and entertainment. In the current economic climate, life is getting harder day by day for many people diagnosed with HIV so the Hardship Fund needs your support more than ever before. Even a small donation will make a big difference, so please sign up to this year’s event.”

Scarecrow Ears  In Michael Hearn and Douglas Greene’s 1976 biography of W.W. Denslow, there’s an interesting passage quoting the artist on how he came up with the images for the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman. This was taken from a 1904 article in the Denver Republican newspaper –  “I made twenty-five sketches of those two monkeys before I was satisfied with them. You may well believe that there was a great deal of evolution before I got that golf ball in the Scarecrow’s ear or the funnel on the Tin Man’s head. I experimented and tried out all sorts of straw waist-coats and sheet-iron cravats before I was satisfied.”

Rowe, Straker & X Factor Cohen Star in The Wiz  X-Factor finalist Treyc Cohen will star as Dorothy alongside Clive Rowe and Peter Straker in West Yorkshire Playhouse and Birmingham Rep’s forthcoming revival of The Wiz, the musical retelling of The Wizard of Oz with music and lyrics by Charlie Smalls.


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