Oz in the News 5.1.11

New Paltz regatta draws crowd  It was a perfect storm of sorts for the people lined up on the bank of the Wallkill River here Sunday.  The sunlight danced; the waters splashed; the homemade ships of dreams foundered.  Ah, the New Paltz regatta.  It is an event that dates back to May 15, 1955, when the Delta Kappa Fraternity of SUNY New Paltz held a strange regatta on the river.  This year’s entries included a floating tribute to Dorothy Gale’s Kansas home.

Continental connection  “The Wizard of Oz Show”, as it is titled, had the privilege of being invited to the world’s largest Wizard of Oz festival held in Indiana, US, in September 2006. There the cast met the descendants of L. Frank Baum, the author of The Wizard of Oz (1900, Chicago), and Laul recalls, “Robert Baum, the grandson of Frank Baum, burst into the green room after one of our performances and told us that if his great-grandpa had been alive he’d have been clapping, singing and dancing along with us.”

Ugly pug ball returns to Del Mar  If your pug’s “Glinda the Good Witch” costume has been gathering dust in her canine closet, there’s good news this week. The annual Pug Party at the Del Mar Fairgrounds returns May 7, and this year’s theme is “The Emerald City: There’s No Place Like Home.” Pug Rescue of San Diego County this week celebrates its 20th anniversary with a “Wizard of Oz”-themed gathering that marks two decades of finding good homes for lost, surrendered and homeless pugs.


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