Oz in the News 4.19.11

Yip Harburg: Father of the Socially Conscious Lyric  What’s in a name? Apparently Yip’s surname symbolizes his politics, literally. Though born Isadore Hochberg and called Edgar Harburg as a child, he became Yip, not as some believe because of the Yiddish name Yipsel, but for YPSI, an acronym for the Young People’s Socialist League. Harburg himself added: “ I was nicknamed Yips(e)l which is the Yiddish term for a squirrel and evidently I was quite a flighty kid. People around me were very frightened, so I tried to lift them up all the time with games and fun and running.” But, even though Harburg was not a Communist, he did have many friends whose ideologies were to the left. Not surprisingly, he was targeted by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) and blacklisted from pictures, television and radio in 1950 for more than a decade, largely because he refused to name names of alleged Communist sympathizers for Senator Joe McCarthy‘s committee.

Judy Garland Trivia Quiz iOS App: Multiple Choice   If you are a Judy Garland fan or think you are quite knowledgeable about the actress’s long career in the entertainment business, or you simply like trivia quizzes and own an iOS device, you might like to try out the Judy Garland Trivia Quiz iOS app.  The Judy Garland Trivia Quiz app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad offers the user 119 multiple choice questions along with 50 extra bonus questions in 10 different gaming modes in both single an multiplayer.

Toto Winner in Wizard, Caird’s Challenge  Calling all dog lovers. “Dangerous Dave”, the miniature Schnauzer who won the canine competition on last year’s Over the Rainbow, will make his West End debut this Thursday night (21 April 2011) in a special gala performance of The Wizard of Oz held in aid of Comic Relief at the London Palladium.  Dangerous Dave was chosen personally by Andrew Lloyd Webber in the reality TV contest. At the gala, he’ll play Toto alongside the publicly-voted Over the Rainbow winner Danielle Hope as Dorothy in a cast that also features Michael Crawford, Hannah Waddigham, Paul Keating, David Ganly, Edward Baker-Duly.


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