Oz in the News 4.11.11

Sir Tim Rice on WIZARD OF OZ, Disney, GLEE, FROM HERE TO ETERNITY & More “I’m really not deeply involved in the show – I’m just sort of a hired hand. I’ve done a couple of lyrics for Andrew – four, actually. I was just doing me job, really. You know, I never know when I’ve been inspired or not. I mean, sometimes you write a song and you think at the end, “Oh, cool. That one came out quite well.” And, other times, I feel like I’ve really been working my guts out and at the end of the day it’s pretty useless. So, it’s very hard to tell. I don’t think you can analyze stuff – the process – too, too, too much.”

James Franco Excited For Sam Raimi On Oz Movie “I love the idea of working with Sam Raimi again. Sam is a master of combining classic Hollywood character types and storylines and ideas, and then matching that with innovative technology.  I really think he’s going to build an incredible world, but a world where we have room to play and have fun.”

The Wizard of Fu: Fun and laughs for children, by children The Wizard Of Fu is a fun, updated version of the well-known show, The Wizard Of Oz. After landing in the Land Of Fu after a storm, Dorothy from the small town of Kroonstad, goes on a journey to find the Wizard, to help her get home.  All is not well in the land, however. People are missing things. The Lion is missing his courage, Mr Tin has lost his heart, and The Scarecrow has lost his dancing skills.  And, worse yet, Miley Cyrus has lost Hannah Montana and Justin Beiber has lost his voice!


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