Oz in the News 4.5.11

Recording of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s WIZARD OF OZ Available for Pre-Order Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new production of THE WIZARD OF OZ was recorded and will be released later this year on 2nd May.  The recording, featuring Danielle Hope as Dorothy, Michael Crawford as The Wizard and Hannah Waddingham as The Wicked Witch of the West, can now be pre-ordered from HMV: http://bit.ly/fTqdfG and Play.com: http://bit.ly/hrvAm6

Actors with autism shine in ‘Oz’ parody “We are in no way trying to make light of those features of autism,” said Emily Jensen, a music therapist at the Brideway House and “Land of Oz” director, “but to acknowledge them and bring them into the light and say this is a real thing. This is a thing that exists here in our community.”  Written by the actors themselves, the “Land of Oz” production was designed to be therapeutic.  “It’s being able to embrace and kind of see the humor in it, sensory issues in the straw and all the things like the flexibility. these are characteristics of autism,” said Wignai.

Bette and her Brain Bette Ferguson is donating her brain to science. It’s true. Read about it in a fascinating story by Claire Trageser about Bette and others who are donating their brains to a University of California, San Diego researcher.  I photographed Bette in her Mission Hills apartment. The only view the reader got of her was the top of her head. I thought it was a good way to illustrate the story.  But Bette is a really intriguing woman, and I wanted readers to get a better opportunity to meet her.  Shortly after arriving at her apartment, she dove right into her history. She told me about her five husbands and her work as an extra on The Wizard of Oz.


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