Oz in the News 3.13.11

“Billy Bounce” – 60s cartoon version of the W.W. Denslow book With my Comcast cable backage I have access to Xfinity On Demand. Something Weird Video has a channel there in the Cutting Edge section with a rotating selection of old industrial videos, school scare films, old vaudeville stripper acts, etc. Anyway, I check the section out regularly and just noticed this “Billy Bounce” video. I thought maybe it was just something with the same name as the W.W. Denslow cartoon strip/book but there in the beginning was Denslow’s name and the seahorse logo.

Mila Kunis Melts for Role of Wicked Witch of the West in Sam Raimi’s Oz, the Great and Powerful After a recent meeting with Raimi and Wizard James Franco, all agreed that Kunis would be perfect for the part of Theodorah, the younger sister of Evanorah who goes on to become the Wicked Witch of the West and, of course, to cackle iconic lines like, “I’ll get you, my pretty … and your little dog, too!” With her involvement assured, we’re told that Franco finally agreed to do the picture.

Steven Reineke Talks Judy Garland and Carnegie Hall “My all time favourite is actually not on this program, it’s “Get Happy”. We aren’t doing it because she didn’t do it originally at this performance. I thought about adding it but we have so much music already that I didn’t think we could add anymore. One thing I really love on this particular program is “If Love Were All”. A few of these songs have become so iconic in their own right and I love getting to hear them with these arrangements. Also, the arrangement of “Come Rain or Come Shine” that is on this album is jus the best one of this tune that I have ever heard. I grew up listening to this music and it is going to be a lot of fun. It’s not on this program, it’s “Get Happy”.”

Clark Gable in 1925 The Wizard of Oz Last night I heard something interesting, that sounds like it might bear investigating.  I was listeneng to some old time radio shows on my mp3 player. One of the shows that I listened two was a very old (pre 1940) episode of The Fred Allen Show (I know it was very old as it was the hour long version, and pre-dates “Allen’s Alley”) As a random guest, Allen had on Larry Sermon’s Assistant Director from the 1925 Wizard of Oz (who at the time apparently had the food trailer concession for Warner Brothers studio. During the interview, the now short order cook made a statment that suprised me, namely that one of the extras on that picture was a young (and presumaby not yet known), Clark Gable (He said he “carried a  spear”, but whether this is literal or figurative I have no way of knowing).

Time machine, aliens update ‘Oz’ Clark Gable in ’25 The Wizard of Oz
The mood in the hallway was energetic Thursday as a handful of St. Joseph Central Elementary students rehearsed for their production of “The Wizard of Oz.”  After 13 weeks of preparation, the students were finally ready for their regional Destination ImagiNation competition, which took place last weekend in Bourbon.  The students had to tell “The Wizard of Oz” three different ways to three different audiences and come up with inventive ways of getting from one audience to the next (hence the time machine).


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