Oz in the News 3.12.11

Getting to the meat of the matter You will be forgiven if, what with all the budget ruckus in the Badger State, you missed this critical piece of news: The munchkin coroner from “The Wizard of Oz” is about to be inducted into the Wisconsin Meat Industry Hall of Fame.  His name was Meinhardt Raabe, and he died last spring at the ripe old age of 94.  Before he starred in “The Wizard of Oz,” Raabe worked as a salesman for Oscar Mayer & Co. He played the role of “Little Oscar, the World’s Smallest Chef” (standing 4-feet, 7-inches, high) and drove the Wienermobile all across the land.  He did that for 30 years, taking a leave of absence in 1938 to play the munchkin coroner.

Tribute concert today celebrates Minnesota’s Judy Garland, re-creating a special night in a special place Today, the entertainment world in New York City pays tribute to a Minnesota icon, re-creating a special night at a special place 50 years ago.  Her daughter, Lorna Luft, joins the New York Pops and other Broadway performers to honor Frances Ethel Gumm, the Grand Rapids native better known to the world as Judy Garland.  It’s a big weekend for the Garland clan. In addition to all this hoopla, daughter Liza Minnelli turns 65 on Saturday and also is being honored in New York, although it doesn’t sound like she’s taking part in today’s concert.

Charles Barkley: Thumbs-up to ‘Cowardly Tiger’ in Wizard of Oz TNT colleague Ernie Johnson had fun with Barkley mixing up a Tiger with a Lion at a joint CBS/Turner Sports presser previewing March Madness coverage earlier this week.  “Who can forget the Cowardly Tiger, one of the great movie roles of all time,” asked Johnson.


2 responses to “Oz in the News 3.12.11

  1. Hello,
    I often see Anton Loebs name . I have quite a few original illustrations and artwork, not Wizard of Oz related.all different media used. pencil,paint, charcoal etc.. is there a collector market for this?

    Thanks Pete

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