Oz in the News 3.7.11

Andrew Lloyd Webber Talks of Wizard of Oz, Evita, Love Never Dies, His Health, His Next Show and More “There are four-and-a-half new songs, but also quite a lot of new music throughout. For example, the tornado scene has been conceived for the theatre — we can’t really do what’s in the movie, so I’ve come in and done some of the linking. Working with Tim has been very exciting. In fact, we have written together in the years since Evita — there’s a load of things we’ve done that may not have drawn that much attention. We worked out we have more than an album’s worth of songs, that were done, for instance, for the film of Evita [their effort won them an Oscar] — or just done for odd occasions.  One of the things that Jeremy [Sams] and I felt very strongly about is that previously onstage — and, in a way, in the film — there’s nothing that really sets up Kansas; you’re suddenly into “Over the Rainbow.” But Tim is very good at storytelling, so we’ve taken the dialogue of the movie and written not an opening number but something that I think sets the scene and takes you to “Over the Rainbow,” and does it quite concisely, and I think with a lot of wit as well.”

Mardi Gras: the Wizards of Optus photos Employees from across Optus’ business made their debut at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras on Saturday night, dressing up as characters from the Wizard of Oz for a special Wizard of Optus float.

Oz wonderland at Eureka is just wizard Eureka Theatre was transformed into the Emerald City, where children followed an obstacle course through the Land of Oz and younger children enjoyed rainbow-themed activities.  Derek Mackenzie-Hook, from Kansas Tourism, flew in to tell visitors about the place where the iconic film is set.  He joined costumed stars to give away 40 books and four lucky winners got tickets to the West End musical.

Forget Love Story, ET’s farewell tops the tear-jerking moments in film A survey of 2,000 movie fans by education charity FILMCLUB and LOVEFiLM found one in three (30 per cent) picked the extra-terrestrial’s tear-jerking farewell in the 1982 classic as the most powerful screen clip.  A scene from the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy opens the door of her grey house onto a world filled with colour came sixth with 3.5 per cent.



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