Oz in the News 3.6.11

Beware the Yellow Brick Road! Lloyd-Webber’s Palladium stunt backfires as council spends £20,000 to see if painted pavement is too slippery A series of emails and letters obtained under the Freedom of Information Act reveals council officials also opposed the idea of transforming Argyll Street in London’s West End because they thought the road would look ‘dirty and unattractive’.  Lord Lloyd-Webber originally considered using yellow bricks or a vinyl cover but the council was against the idea. He then suggested paint. But the council insisted on costly and time-consuming tests in a laboratory, which meant the ‘road’ would not be ready before the opening night of the show starring Michael Crawford and Danielle Hope.

Dom Joly: Over the rainbow – and over my hatred of musicals Now, I always knew that The Wizard was a popular show in the gay community, but I had no idea quite how many references came from it. I also began to see it as the template for almost every reality show I’d ever seen: take four completely different people and set them a mission in which they have to defeat their demons and “find themselves”. It was a disappointment, therefore, when the Wizard himself turned out to be Michael Crawford and not Simon Cowell.


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