Oz in the News 2.23.11

L. Frank Baum’s unreleased ‘Oz’ material to be completed years later in new book In the mid-1960’s, the International Wizard of Oz Club published a selection of unfinished writing by the creator himself, Mr. L. Frank Baum in the club’s seasonal magazine, The Baum Bugle. Years later, author (and coincedentally associate entertainment editor for the magazine) Angelo Thomas is planning to complete what some say could’ve been Baum’s 15th book in the series if he were to have passed away at perhaps a later date.

Wizard of Oz: Andrew Lloyd Webber interview “As soon as Jeremy Sams – the director – and I started to look at The Wizard of Oz, we could see that theatrically it would need a lot of work to pull it together. I know the show has done respectably on Broadway in the past, but it’s never performed as well as it should – not considering it contains some of the greatest songs of all time.”  First, Lloyd Webber approached the rights-holders and asked if they would let him write some new material.  “I wasn’t that optimistic; it was entirely possible they could have told us to go away. In fact, they were very amenable and gave us the green light to do a sing-through. We incorporated the four new songs I’d written with some dummy lyrics. Luckily, they liked it and gave us the go-ahead,” he says.

Dress up as your favorite ‘Wizard of Oz’ character to benefit Ozanam Inn Tulane University medical students are holding their first annual Race for Oz, a 5K race and relay to benefit the Tulane School of Medicine Ozanam Inn Weekend Clinic.  If you’d like to be part of the fun, get a headstart on Mardi Gras and head for Shelter #12 in your own Oz-inspired costume. Take your family and have a whole cast of Oz characters.

Exhibition shows New Haven history, crocodiles Among the items on display at the gallery is a Bradley Smith hard candy tin, one of particular interest and motivation to Greenberg. Smith, a New Haven-based candy company, patented the word “lollipop,” which originally belonged to a popular race horse, Greenberg explained. When the company went bankrupt and lost its patent in the late 1930s, he said, and the word was soon used in the “Wizard of Oz” film franchise’s Lollipop Guild.  The moment when the guild hands Dorothy a lollipop, the film bursts into color. Greenberg said that New Haven was instrumental in putting the world in technicolor, so to go with the tin, he recreated the “Wizard of Oz” scene — with crocodiles.

Debbie Reynolds MGM Collection on the Auction Block Part 1 of this auction will have about 700 costumes and props, including Monroe’s subway dress, which the auction company calls the most famous costume in screen history.  Included are Judy Garland’s “Dorothy” original blue and white gingham test dress with puff-sleeved white blouse from the first two weeks of filming, designed by Adrian, plus the matching fabled ruby slippers in the “Arabian test” pattern.

Oz art draws awes There was no place like Irving Elementary in Indianola on Feb. 14 and 17 when students showcased their artwork during the Wizard of Oz Art Bonanza.  The Yellow Textured Road, created by second- and third-graders, directed visitors through the Irving version of the Land of Oz.  Stops along the road included Munchkin Land, the Forest of Friends, the Field of Poppies, Emerald City and At Home in Kansas.  Munchkin Land featured munchkin collage masks and clay munchkin vessels created by the fifth-graders as well as primary colored bubbles done by kindergarten students.  Artwork by the first-graders was showcased in the Forest of Friends. The students created portraits of the Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow as well as primary color tree paintings and linear glue designs.  Second grade and fourth grade students collaborated to make the Field of Poppies area. Fourth-graders created recycled flowers, while second-graders made printmaking poppy flowers.  Third grade students made the Emerald City area sparkle with their renditions of Emerald City castles.  At the end of the textured road, visitors reached the At Home in Kansas area where they viewed a kindergarten collage rainbow and leaf rubbings and paintings done by third-graders.  During their travels through the Land of Oz, live Wizard of Oz characters also greeted visitors.


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