Oz in the News 2.13.11

Electrifying: Frankenstein revisited The Golden Age of horror would have been so different without Kenneth Strickfaden.  It was Strickfaden’s weird electrical devices – machines that sparked and screeched with each pull of the lever, machines that groaned and buzzed as they transformed invisible electricity into crude kinetic sculptures – that brought Frankenstein to life.  “He was brilliant,” said Doug Norwine, a saxophonist who lives in Easley and works as the director of music and entertainment for Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas where he authenticates memorabilia.  Norwine owns the largest collection of Strickfaden memorabilia, including original machinery from the 1931 original “Frankenstein” movie, sketches and prototypes of what the original lab was to look like, what remains of the original Jacob’s Ladder, a Magna Lux used in the Wizard of Oz, and Tesla machines.  Some of the memorabilia is expected to be on display when “Young Frankenstein,” the musical, opens on Tuesday at the Peace Center.

Video Game Quick Hits If you’re a Kinect or MOVE owner you may have heard about Yoostar 2, a movie karaoke game where you replace characters in iconic scenes. Sounds like a great party – if you have no shame. The full movie list has been released but you don’t want to read all 80 of them here so I’ll just highlight a few the BSR! readers will love: 300, Frankenstein, The Godfather, The Hangover, Kick Ass, Shaun of the Dead, Star Trek: TNG (Locutus) and TOS (Tribbles), and Superman Returns. There are also classics like Casablanca and, my favorite, The Wizard of Oz.

Protesting The Wizard Of Oz In Rapid City In an effort to bring attention to L. Frank Baum’s anti-Indian writings, the United Urban Warrior Society says they will conduct a peaceful protest at the Civic Center’s presentation this weekend of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Founder and president James Swan says he would rather that people take it upon themselves to read about the man from New York who made a temporary home in South Dakota.  The protestors will be at both Friday and Saturday performances.


2 responses to “Oz in the News 2.13.11

  1. Impressive! Thanks for labor of love from one who has been an OZite for nearly 80 years. However, I like to print and read at leisure…but pages 1 and 2 did not print, only blank pages. Is it my fault?

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