Oz in the News 2.5.11

James Franco in Early Talks for ‘Oz’ After Johnny Depp Passes The Oz role has been a hot one since Robert Downey Jr. fell out two and a half weeks ago. Johnny Depp was then in discussions for the role but after several meetings ultimately passed last night.  Franco may be, at first blush, an odd choice to topline the tale of a young illusionist with a grandiose attitude who is forced to flee a traveling circus. His hot air balloon is swept up by a tornado to the land of Oz, which is run by two magical wicked witches.  But from acting pinned to a rock in 127 Hours to a cameo as a drug lord in Green Hornet to his stint on General Hospital, Franco is showing he is not following anyone’s playbook, but his own.

First Look at Danielle Hope in THE WIZARD OF OZ Audiences will soon follow the yellow brick road over the rainbow to see Danielle Hope, winner of BBC TV’s Over the Rainbow, play Dorothy at The London Palladium, the capital’s home of the family musical. Here is a first look at Hope in costume!

Playland-Not-at-the-Beach Wizard of Oz Weekend When we were starting to develop Playland-Not-at-the-Beach ten years ago, we had ideas for many attractions which never came to pass. The most exciting one of these was to be called The Land of Oz where guests would step into the Munchkins’ Village and follow the yellow brick road just as Dorothy had done. Alas, the plan got scuttled in favor of other ideas. But this weekend only we are allowing you to visit a miniature Land of Oz complete in every detail. You will see the Emerald City, and Dorothy’s house with the dead witch’s legs sticking out, the dark castle of the Wicked Witch of the West, plus much more.  There will also be a Wizard of Oz quiz and a Yellow Brick Road Treasure Hunt. Plus anyone who comes in a costume of one of the Wizard of Oz characters immediately wins a free prize at the entrance!


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