Oz in the News 2.1.11

Weekly Round-Up: Fables #101 This issue starts a new arc that focuses on Blufkin, the formerly flying monkey, who has been trapped in the other-dimensional business office ever since Mr. Dark attacked Fabletown.  Bored and in search of adventure, Blufkin starts to climb the tree that takes up the centre of the office, to see where it will lead.  He’s mildly manipulated by the talking mirror and Frankenstein, although the whole thing is portrayed as a Herculean task.  Strangely, he ends up in Ev, a world that borders Oz, just in time to assist some creatures that are on the run.  Joining Willingham on this story is artist Eric Shanower, who has a deep involvement with the Oz stories.  It’s always great to see Shanower on art, and I’m sure it’s fun for him to draw a crazy story like this, so different from his usual work on the essential Age of Bronze, even if his Blufkin looks a little creepy from time to time.

Royal couple serenaded by ‘Dorothy’ The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are to be serenaded by Over The Rainbow winner Danielle Hope.  Hope, who will soon take to the stage as Dorothy in Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s production of The Wizard Of Oz, will sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow – the song which saw her crowned as the winner of the talent competition last year.

The Wizard of the West End “Melodies have never really been a problem,” he says. “Because I am story-driven, the difficulty is just where to place them.” But his sheer facility as a tunesmith means he’s always been suspect to the highbrows, and an easy target for derision. “The difficulty is that they don’t understand that I can write a musical about trains on skates and then a requiem mass” (as he wrote for his father), he says. “It doesn’t seem odd to me. My mind flits, flits, flits.”


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