Oz in the News 1.28.11

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Danielle Hope Set For BBC1’s The One Show 1/28 Andrew Lloyd Webber and The Wizard Of Oz’s “Dorothy” Danielle Hope are set to speak on BBC1’s The One Show this Friday January 28th.  The two will be discussing the show, which has begun rehearsals at the London Palladium. The first show preview is set for February 7.  Hope will be interviewed direct from her dressing room, along with her little dog too.


Attilio Alfred di Scipio, 83 While at The Singer Company from 1963 to 1970 as group vice president and CEO of the Consumer Products Group, he reached the milestone of 1MM sewing machine units. He sponsored the “Wizard of Oz” TV broadcast as a tribute to Judy Garland and commissioned a Norman Rockwell portrait of Garland as Dorothy, which he presented to the Judy Garland Medical Library at the Motion Picture Country Home and Hospital.


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