Oz in the News 1.22.11

Emerald City Grill closes its doors in Chittenango Even the Wizard himself couldn’t mend the economic woes of the village’s downtown businesses, which struggled as the reconstruction of Route 5 reduced village’s main drag to gravel and downsized the annual Oz parade.  The project outfitted Chittenango with its own yellow brick road, but routed traffic away from downtown businesses for close to two years.  “Now it looks beautiful, but it is hard to come back from that,” she said.  Oz Cream, where a small ice cream cone was known as a “Munchkin,” closed its doors in 2006. The following year saw the departure of Auntie Em’s Place, which failed to reopen after a fire.

‘Fairly Legal’ season premiere: Lawyers and cross-dressers and ‘Wizard of Oz’ references, oh my! The show had enough eccentric elements (like the constant references to The Wizard of Oz) to make me want to take another look. However, as a Bay Area native, I have to note that the show’s portrayal of San Francisco is extremely silly — except for the constant (greenscreened) shots of the Transamerica Pyramid and an out-of-nowhere cross-dressing plot twist, the show might as well be set in Anytown, USA. (Or, more to the point, Vancouver.)

My Fair Wedding Season 4 Episode 4 Wizard of Oz David Tutera has created countless classic themed weddings in his career as a designer, but his latest bride Aime and her fiancé wish to have a Wizard of Oz-themed wedding. This will create a challenge for David like he has never seen before. From poinsettia centerpieces and giant lollipops, to homemade red glitter ruby slippers and a construction paper yellow brick road runner, David must take Aime’s wedding from kitschy to classy in record time. And with Emerald City an iconic element in Aime’s theme, green is the main color in this bride’s nuptial landscape – a color at the top of David’s “Distasteful” list! David makes changes from top to bottom…and one which unknowingly will put him and his bride in jeopardy!


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