Oz in the News 1.19.11

OZ within their grasp “The Puppeteers” is a madcap comedy directed by Jeff Wills of Zuppa del Giorno, Electric Theatre Company’s contemporary American commedia dell’arte troupe. The show is inspired by L. Frank Baum’s stories of Oz, including the most familiar one, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”  The show centers around three “Scrantonians” who discover a magical world underneath a house, full of mysterious challenges, in which they will need brains, courage and heart to overcome.  “What’s great about this show is that it will be different every night,” Wills said. “The actors will have the ability to adapt the story before, during and even after a show. This makes it exciting and different each performance.”

Hope ‘won’t take criticism personally’ Of the possibility that some may not enjoy her performance, Hope told The Observer: “Yes, of course. It’s like Marmite: you love it or you hate it. Everyone’s got a different opinion.  She continued to explain the challenges of the role, saying of the four dogs playing sidekick Toto: “I’m 18, I’m a leading lady, a singer and a dog trainer. I mean, who’d have thought it?  You have to teach a dog set ways to do things and then repeat it over and over again. It’s so hard because a dog knows if your emotion is real… Your acting has to be so truthful to the dog.  And they’re heavy too. I’ve been free-weight training with bags of sugar in pillowcases. They each weigh about 8kg but one of them weighs 10kg.”

Tracie Bennett Set for February 5 CD Signing to Celebrate End of the Rainbow Release Tracie Bennett will appear at London’s Dress Circle on February at 1pm for a CD signing to celebrate the release of the new recording of End of the Rainbow. The album, released by First Night Records, will be available for purchase and download on January 31.  In End of the Rainbow, running at the Trafalgar Studios, Bennett plays Judy Garland in 1968 as she struggles to make her comeback, even as she battles with drugs and alcohol.


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