Oz in the News 1.11.11

ABC gets ‘Wicked’ with Hayek The ABC miniseries will stick to the book and won’t be based on the tuner, penned by Winnie Holzman and produced by Marc Platt and David Stone.  ABC does not have any rights to the musical, which has been in development as a feature at Universal (which was also an investor in the Broadway show) via Platt’s company.  Hayek is so far attached solely as an exec producer; it’s unclear whether she would take a role in the project.

‘Wicked’ and ‘Oz’ projects work ‘within our brand,’ says ABC president “[The mini-series] is a sort of fabulous idea and it goes back to the book more than the musical, so it’s epic, it’s romantic and it’s very much within our brand,” he said. “We’ve got a great writer on it. Look, we’re at the development stage. I don’t know if we’re going to get there, but the notion of having it resonate elsewhere in the company is a good thing for us.”

‘Wizard of Oz’ still inspiring John Waters It pops up in at least three of his films and accounts for the only time Waters found himself in drag (as a child, at a birthday party). At first when Waters told me he wanted to talk about “The Wizard of Oz,” I was skeptical—this was the filmmaker William Burroughs christened “the Prince of Puke” for extreme comedies such as “Pink Flamingos” and “Mondo Trasho.”  But as we talked, Waters’s affection for “The Wizard of Oz” seemed to fit right in with his misfit-with-a-camera image.


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