Oz in the News 1.9.11

West End Wizard Of Oz witch is too scary IT’S mutiny in Munchkin land with some of the child actors set to play dwarfs in the West End production of The Wizard Of Oz refusing to appear because they are frightened of the Wicked Witch, played by veteran actress Hannah Waddingham. Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Express, Phillips said the realism of the show was too much for some child actors. “Some decided they did not want to be in the production any more because they were terrified of the Wicked Witch of the West,” she said.

Complete Cast Announced for West End WIZARD OF OZ Previously announced Michael Crawford (Professor Marvel/The Wizard of Oz), Danielle Hope (Dorothy), Edward Baker-Duly (Hickory/Tin Man),  David Ganly (Zeke/Cowardly Lion), Paul Keating (Hunk/Scarecrow), Emily Tierney (Glinda), and Hannah Waddingham (Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch of the West) will be joined by: Sophie Evans (Alternate Dorothy),  Stephen Scott (Uncle Henry/Ensemble, first cover Professor Marvel/The Wizard of Oz), and Helen Walsh (Aunt Em/Munchkin Barrister/Ensemble).

Jersey Jack Pinball To Design And Manufacture Flipper Games “‘The Wizard of Oz’ is universally recognized,” Guarnieri observed, adding that some of movie’s legendary scenes will lend themselves to creative mechanical toys for the playfield. The new pinball maker acquired the worldwide Oz pinball rights from Warner Bros. at the same time Elaut USA acquired the license for its new Wizard of Oz coin pusher.  “I can’t bomb with a 72-year-old movie,” Guarnieri proclaimed during the Spooky Pinball podcast.  While the new machine is being engineered for commercial coin operation, gameplay is aimed at home players. “Home gamers are very educated [players],” Guarnieri explained. “They like games with greater depth — in terms of programming and mechanical toys.”  And for Guarnieri’s billionaire customers, limited edition Wizard of Oz pinball machines will be available with inset emerald and ruby stones.


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